Hi Everyone,

COVID-19 threatens to spread through ICE detention centers.

Join us for 3 days of action to #FreeThemAll! From April 2-April 4, we call on all of you to carry out individual autonomous actions (while practicing social distancing and following general CDC guidelines) to demand that ICE release everyone from detention NOW!

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Tens of thousands of immigrants remain in ICE detention in the midst of the COVID-19 global health crisis. Even before the pandemic, their lives were at risk because they lack access to adequate medical care or sanitary facilities. Now they face a pandemic and the increasing risk of lock down, which would prevent anyone from being freed.

We are also calling on Governor Cuomo to use his emergency powers to free everyone detained in the state of NY, as well as all of the other governors to do the same in their own states. THIS is an emergency. Lives are at stake!

Blanket the city with banners, signs, and all forms of art to demand an end to ICE’s concentration camps.

Send us photos, videos or other media of your actions so we can broadcast it!DM us on the Cosecha NYC FB page or email us at info@closethecampsnyc.com

Actions suggested but not limited to:
-Banner drops
-Hanging banners or signs on your windows, doors, cars, etc
-Chalking on public sidewalks, jogging paths, other visible areas
-Other forms of beautification
-Song, music, dance
-Standing outside with signs/banners (alone or at a safe distance of six feet from others)

Use these example slogans HERE

Get creative with it!

We understand the danger of COVID-19 to our community and want to encourage everyone to practice social distancing while still engaging in action. We are not calling for large gatherings, but individual autonomous actions without risking the infection of others.

Thank you,

The Cosecha NYC team

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