FIRE Sending Delegation to El Paso Firme – Your Support Needed!

Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere announces:

FIRE Activists on their way to El Paso Say:

“We won’t let Trump’s white supremacist attacks divide us”
“We stand with El Paso!”
“Abolish ICE/Police! Close the concentration camps! Open the borders!
“Keep the pressure on! ICE off Greyhound bus”-

Si se puede!

Your support is critical! Donate here for FIRE’s delegation to El Paso 

FIRE (Fight for Im/Migrants and Refugees Everywhere) is sending five activists to El Paso, Texas, to take part in the National Action Against White Supremacy on Sept. 7. The demonstration is called by the Border Network for Human Rights and others.

We salute the organizers of this march in fighting back and resisting the terror that visited their city on August 3.

Upon the aftermath of this horror, the people of El Paso said what everyone could see: It is Trump’s racist reactionary anti-migrant rhetoric and policies that resulted in the mass shooting that took 22 innocent lives.  This demonstration is critical to let Trump and his white supremacist administration know that anti-racists will fight back.

The FIRE delegation includes queer youth, people of color, teachers and long-time activists. Upon their return, FIRE will host report-backs on the movement in El Paso and how people can get involved.

FIRE Campaigns to Abolish ICE/Close the Camps

On August 23, FIRE held an important demonstration against Greyhound in New York City to demand Immigration Customs and Enforcement and the Border Patrol stay off the buses, as part of its campaign to ABOLISH ICE AND CLOSE THE DETENTION CAMPS. Protests against Greyhound have been held or are planned for Austin and Houston, Texas, Buffalo, N.Y., Atlanta and Philadelphia.

FIRE will continue the pressure on Greyhound to get ICE off the buses as well as target GEO and other corporations which make huge profits from the inhumane detentions.

This work is vital as Trump continues his war on migrants. These assaults are so severe and dangerous they must be called fascist tactics.  Trump wants to overturn agreements, like the Flores agreement, that can allow his administration to hold migrants, including children, as long as they want, with no independent checks and balances on ICE.  This will result in desperate trauma, disease and more deaths. Trump also wants to get rid of judges that oppose his fascistic views.


Funds are urgently needed to contribute for the delegation to El Paso and to raise funds to continue the multi-city campaign to get ICE and BP off Greyhound buses.  Please donate whatever amount you can.  Activists and their supporters are those who are financing FIRE’s mobilizing work and travel.   But FIRE needs more contributions to continue and expand its mobilizations and campaigns at this crucial time of the Trump administrations horrific attacks on immigrants and refugees.  In September, Fire will be participating in the climate crisis events to demand reparations for the millions of climate refugees.

Please join with FIRE’s campaigns and donate whatever you can to keep up this important organizing work.

Donate online or send checks to:

Solidarity Center/FIRE,
147 W. 24th Street, 2nd floor
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